Barbara Willsberger

Barbara Willsberger studied science of communication, sociology and psychology at the University of Vienna in Austria. Since 1996 she has been working as senior researcher at the independent research institute L&R Social Research in Vienna. The emphasis of her work is on the implementation of cross border projects in the field of active labour market policy and gender equality. Her main research topics are labour market and education policy with a focus on youth employment and gender equality.

Important projects were for example the coordination of the so called “Expert Academies” (EXPAK), which are forums for labor market and regional political actors from Austria with Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to cooperate bilaterally. The main objectives include:

  • Establishment of sustainable networks between the institutions and actors in the field of labour market policy in the Austrian border regions to support the common development and implementation of solutions for the challenges faced on the labour markets common to both sides of the border.
  • Intensification of the cooperation between the labour market institutions (public employment services, NGOs, social partners, institutions of further education etc.) on a subregional level.
  • Development of projects in particular for groups which are faced with disadvantages on the labour market.

One of her current work focus is the Priority Area 9 “Investing in People and Skill” of the European Strategy of the Danube Region.