Csaba Madarász

Csaba Madarász has been participating in the Hungarian civil sphere for more than 20 years now. Traditionally a jounralist and professional communicator – he has been serving various NGO’s, companies and governmental agencies with his knowledge and passion to catalize cultural shift in governance and participation.

Being an expert in participatory democracy and edemocracy, he was a delegate in the Council of Europe’s historical CAHDE workgroup, representing the European civil sphere in a standard setting enviroment. In Hungary he is supporting with his work wide range of open government, new media  and public sector integrity efforts, both for civil society and government/ local government agencies.

He is member of eDemocracy Workshop Association, president of KDE/Digital Community Tools Foundation and founding member of Democracy International, Integrity Network Society and the Hungarian Joseph Beuys Society.

He has organized several events, meetups, workshops, trainings and a democracy happening to foster dialogue, evangelize democratic methods for various audiences from activists to local elected representetives and public servants with the methods of art and science.

His main areas of research is innovative democratic dialogue and evaluation techniques, methods and the co-design, co-production and co-delivery approaches for public services.