Daniela Stojković Jovanović

Founding Member/ Vice President of the Danube Civil Society Forum (DCSF)

  • Prime goal: Development of DCSF’s capacities, creation of a favorable economic environment, as well as provision of a strong logistical support to the process of strengthening and formalizing the role of civil society, particularly in the region of Danube countries through visible and legalized participation of civil society representatives in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR).

Since 1997, Mrs. Stojkovich has worked in the Non-Governmental (NGO) realm, dealing with international development cooperation in the Danube region. Her area of expertise is literature exchange as well as eco-cultural protection of the Danube River. She has a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Grammar of Serbo-Croatian language and is an Educated Librarian.

Saint Danube Magazine - 11 editions of a magazine for literature and cultures (from 1997 until 2012). Mrs. Stojkovich was a Publisher/Chief Executive Officer. Saint Danube Magazine’s concept was to focus on literature and cultures of a wide assortment of countries that belong to the unique Danube region.

Since 2011, Mrs. Stojkovich has worked as a Communications Manager at DSCF. She maintained social media pages. Mrs. Stojkovich managed digital portals, primarily dedicated to information directly or indirectly related to the issues of implementation of the EUSDR.

Mrs. Stojkovich successfully organized National Hearings of the Danube Strategy in Serbia (2015,2017) and several training sessions. The National Hearings included presentation of projects implemented so far under the auspices of the Danube Strategy and a detailed view of future programs where Institutions, Universities and CSOs can play a significant role.

Danube Transnational Project “Excellence in Research, Social, and Technological Innovation” (Excellence-in-ReSTI) (from February 2017 until July 2019) Mrs. Stojkovich is an Associated Partner in the Resti Project. The project involves 12 partners from 9 countries in the Danube Region. The aim of this project is to promote the knowledge and skills of young project managers of research, social, and technological innovation (ReSTI) projects, thus increasing their employability and the quality of projects.

Mrs. Stojkovich has worked on the implementation of international projects (planed timeline 2014-2020). She has analyzed priorities of specific programs intended for the implementation of the Action Plan of the Danube Strategy.