Zoltán Tibor Pállinger

Zoltán Tibor Pállinger holds a PhD in Political Science – International Affairs (1997). Between 1997 and 2002 he worked for the Swiss Federal Chancellery with the final position of head of the Planning and Strategy Section. From 2002 to 2007 he was Senior Research Fellow at the Liechtenstein Institute (Bendern,FL). Since 2007 he is associate professor for Political Science at the Andrássy University Budapest, leading the chair for Political Theory and European Democracy Research. He is programme director for the Master’s Programme in International Affairs – European Studies and was dean of the Faculty of International Affairs between 2010 and 2012. He has taught as a visiting lecturer at the Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH Zürich), the University of St. Gallen and the University of Vienna. His research focuses on political theory and the history of ideas, democracy research, direct democracy, elite research, European governance and comparative politics.